6:44 AM

It is still summer! I am happy to hear that there are few days left to embrace the sun's heat and just have fun. This sunny Sunday I had the time to do the things I really love. I have here my quick list below:

- hear the mass with family
- had a morning walk
- take pictures
- bond with my 2 sisters over Buko shakes ( beating the sun's heat )
- a powerful afternoon nap
- helped in the kitchen the whole day

These are just few to the things I love to do together with the fam! And it was great not to over think for the upcoming week's task. I was so blessed with happy people around me that really makes me more motivated and positive to reach my goals for next week. On the other hand, I am very happy to share this floral inspired style-fit which I pretty love the statement piece---- the skirt. It is so spring-ish. :)

Have a happy week! 

Top: Forever 21/ Skirt: Jellybean/ Bag: Gap/ Wedges: Possibilities, The Ramp Crossings/ Necklace: Lissa Kahayon, BU


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