Fresh Overalls

5:22 AM

I super love this illustrated dream #OOTD because of the stylish overalls. I also tried coloring the illustrated stylish pieces using watercolor. (Forgive me for playing so much with the paint & the brush! :)) And I also thought that this outfit is so cool for strolling around (for the remaining days of summer vacation) before classes begin in June. I suddenly remember that I need to prepare for my upcoming schooling days. I can say better grab that planner and start listing! :)

The #OOTD pieces:

-Overalls ( I super crush the overalls from Topshop! :) )
-White crop top
-Sneakers ( I do love wearing Keds. )
-DIY  chord necklace ( It's a summer stash that definitely still a pro! )

I always end up illustrating my dream #OOTDs.,

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