On Rainy Days

1:51 AM

Hi there! Here's an illustrated #OOTD in mind since rainy days are coming.. And oh! I can't believe summer's totally over. I thought of wearing a comfy pair of brown trouser pants plus a basic long sleeved polo (which I tend to fold the sleeves halfway). I added a bigger-than-the-regular size bag to let my trusty rain shield (which is my umbrella) in. I also thought of wearing jelly flats (like the one I saw last time on a Mel store) since it'll be very water friendly. I am very particular with the pieces I'll wear on a certain weather. I'll go for stylish+functional look on rainy days or whatever weather though. Still no worries about the summer stash I gathered from the previous months, I think it'll work in style still through mix n' matching. 

The #OOTD pieces:
-trouser pants
-jelly shoes
-cloth headpiece

'I will always love hearing words from you.'


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