Crochet in the Mornings

7:08 AM

I keep thinking about many things since last week because I was heading off to a busy (-iest) schedule starting this month of June. I think I'll have less art moments and more to book-journal paper-report-kinda-thing which will drive me nuts. Making DIYs has been a part of the system since I was a little kid. I loved making new things out of old. I loved how scissors make wonders when you let its sharpness form papers into beautiful decors. I loved how I learned and got amazed with crochet. Last summer, I did crochet projects during the morning while listening to an Ed Sheeran's song or Birdy's. I thought I had the most energy during the earliest part of the day that is why I decided to fix schedules for the whole day, in each days of the week. A quick little fix into schedules will definitely help my crafty heart.

Yarn: Morocco, Dreams (Robinsons Metroeast)
This crochet pouch is custom made for a c close friend.

If you want one, just contact me. (:


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