Cupcake Party: @ Cupcakes by Sonja

11:01 AM

I'm glad I was able to try another kind of cupcake at Cupcakes by Sonja. I and my two college friends (Edda & Yvette) had our simple but happy get together at the shop. It's so sweet to exchange thoughts with friends over the overloaded gooey goodness of their freshly baked cupcakes. Earlier, I tried the Chocolate Cream Cheese Swirl which  was so good. I could personally call it a cupcake brownie because of its brownie-like texture and the richness of its chocolate flavor. I'm not a chocolate lover but I totally appreciated this one & even wishin' for more. :) Hope you'll try this too or any of the cupcake flavors available in their store. 

Here are some of the photos from our simple cupcake party:

 Chocolate Cream Cheese Swirl, Death by Chocolate, Red Velvet

This is totally a happy place for some overloaded sweetness.

Shangri-La Plaza
L/G East Wing Shangri-La Plaza
Tel. 955 10 73

(Thanks Edda for helping me take some of the photos.)


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