DIY: Printed Envelope

11:24 PM

 I tried making a lot of handmade envelopes when I was in grade school since I love to write notes for my friends. That time I used recycled papers like our old phone directories, newspapers and magazines. It was cool that I was able to make simple crafts when I was just a kid. I thought that being skilled of making an envelope is so functional. I can make one without spending.
Earlier, I made envelope pockets for the packaging of the loom bracelets I made too! :)
And I'll be happy to share how to make printed envelopes. I hope this one is going to be helpful.

- any white paper
- watercolor
- paintbrush
- handmade foam stamp
( cut any design from a foam and stick it on a piece of wood / stone )
- stamp pad
- washi tape
- glue
- palette

Use the stamp to decorate the white paper. Use an ordinary stamp pad with your preferred color.

 Or if there's no available stamp pad with different color try to use watercolor and brush it to the foam stamp.  (Isn't that cool?! :) )
 Let it dry first.

Fill all the space of the paper & it's like this after. Then fold & cut the paper on desired size & height of envelope.

For my DIY envelope, I fold the paper into half & then into another half. Then, I cut it following the line from the fold. And I was able to make two envelopes in the white paper. I fold & glue the ( left & right ) sides of the envelope to seal. Leave the top part open.

And that's it! I can already put my loom bracelet inside.

Lastly, I used floral washi tape from Hey Kessy to seal the envelope flap.

This is the DIY Printed Envelope! :)

I would love to hear from you, always :)


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