Going French

4:41 PM

Hello!  I had different cafe/restaurant visits the entire afternoon after watching the Disney film, Maleficent at Shangri-La Plaza, Mandaluyong. And one of it was at the Poetry & Prose Patisserie which is a French cafe/ bakery. I got surprised that the place was all white ( as in everything's in white ) and perhaps it's a happy place for writers at heart too because of the quotes being decorated on its walls. And there are wide selection of delicious pastries to taste. And oh! there are available macarons too! :) That day, I was able to try one of their growing selection of freshly baked breads & cakes. And will definite go back someday. 

Here are some photos:

I tried this cake named Financier. It is a small French cake. It is similar to sponge cake but it has springy crisp texture. It is best to eat this with teas. It's a must try! :)

This picturesque cafe made me dream more of France. It was a fun afternoon over great food & talks with amazing people. 

Level 1 of Shangri-La Plaza Mall
(02) 631-04-20
8:00 am-11:00 pm


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