Ice Cream Love

5:30 PM

Hello! It was indeed a great weekend for me because I had little adventures like I was able to meet friends and even run after the last train ride. It's funny how I love to struggle commuting in the city. For me, it was sort of being literally street smart. I learned a lot of things and even reflect on things whenever I ride on different public transportation. Anyways, I would love to share this cute look which I'm wearing a shirt and white jeans. I rarely wear those pair of white jeans because it's a dirt magnet whenever I commute. (haha) But there's nothing wrong with being fearless sometimes. So I wore them plus the shirt I bought from Just G (they're on SALE, hurry!) with a print of an ice cream!Cool. I always love cute pieces to wear on a weekend.

Shirt: Just G/ Pants: 5oth Avenue,Galleria / Watch: Parfois / Loom Bracelets: (I made them :) ) / Wedges: The RAMP, Crossings


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