Lettering in Le Bunny Bleu

6:23 AM

It was a happy Saturday at the Le Bunny Bleu store at Shangri-la. I was there to attend the Lettering Workshop by the letterer/ blogger Abbey Sy. It was a humbling experience to be there since the Le Bunny Bleu team chose only 10 out of the number of costumers who are interested to join. I learned about the event just last Saturday as I dropped by their store and I checked it on their fb page. I'm glad that I was able to join the artsy class wearing my favorite shoes. I had the chance to learn lettering processes and extra wonderful tips from our teacher. Of course, I took some photos of the lettering class moments. 

 our handout c/o Abbey
It's great to have a demo from our teacher.
I tried writing different fonts.

 After all the processes of making one, tadaaaaa... I am done! (:
And Abbey gave us one of her lovely creations- bookmark. 
'Shoe shopping is my cardio.'
I still can't believe I did this! 

This is the artsy team that worked well with me.
 I and my promising lettering teacher, Abbey Sy! :)
I'll be forever thankful for this learning.
Visit her blog: artistic-dreams.com
 And to Michelle of Le Bunny Bleu, I thank you for this happy event over your happy place with so many adorable shoes that I just can't get enough but SAVE for another pair, soon. (hee!)

 I took some photos around their shoe store. It's indeed a happy place for shoe lovers like me.

 Their new collection is in store right now. Yay!
 Shoe selfie here :)

 Cute pairs for the little feet! Super love the pairs! (:
 I love the chalk lettering here! (:

 The store is on SALE, so drop by if you have time.

Cute little bunny bleu 

5F Bridgeway, East Wing Shangri-la Plaza (654-2599)


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