DIY: Lettering on Bookmark

4:33 AM

One of the things that I love to do on a rainy day like this is read. I go to my favorite spot in our house and read. It sounds a little geeky though but it's part of my life as a teacher and a student at the same time. As of the moment, I've been jumping into different types of reading materials which is so fun and adventurous at the same time. I got to read academic stuff for my masters like articles, journals, academic books that I swear that it's challenging to read at times but then it brings me to a whole lot of new perspectives. And of course, I do browse pages of magazines and art (fashion,illustration) books because I want to learn more about the arts. Since I like reading with visuals on pages, I also love using (making) pretty bookmarks just to break the monotony of just looking into ocean of words and to use it to mark what pages to read next. So I tried making a DIY bookmark with these easy steps:

- white cardboard (used folders are okay too! :) )
- watercolor & paint brush
- fine pens
- pencils
- ribbons
- 1 hole puncher

1) Cut your desired shape of bookmark in the white cardboard paper.
2) Start making a layout of your design/lettering/illustration in the paper. You can put quotes that are meaningful to you.
3) Then, use your art team (watercolor,paintbrush,fine pens etc.) to bring color to your bookmark.
4) Let it dry! :)
5) Punch a hole and put a bow on it and.... you're done! :)

Happy reading everyone! :)

You can share your works in my twitter @jadebufete because I'll be happy to see them! Yay!
And I'll be selling artsy  handmade bookmarks SOON! (:

happy art time,

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