Mallow Treats x The Candy DIY Book

3:00 PM

Hi! I can finally say, "I am back in the kitchen!". :) I got the chance to try being busy in the kitchen for some sweet treats before heading back for work. A huge thanks to The Candy DIY Book because I got interested how to make the marshmallow treats (it's in pages 144-145 of the book). I wanted to see how the mallow works with the cereals and the all time favorite Oreo cookies. So, I went straight to the supermarket to gather the ingredients I needed. And the procedure to prepare this was just quick and easy. It's all about the mixing powers over the low flame. I totally enjoyed mixing the handful marshmallows and the crushed cookies and cereals. (I even ate some while cooking! (: teehee! :))  

Here are the ingredients:

 (melt a teaspoon firston a low heat pot)

 marshmallows ( after the butter, melt this until it becomes soft and gooey)
cereals (to be crushed)

(to be crushed and put on the melted mallows)

After mixing everything, place the mixture in the pan and chill. Actually, I wasn't able to take a photo of it because I planned to prepare a plating for it but the moment I  and my two sisters tasted it we just can't resist but eat. Funny how the mallow treat ended just in a snap. And the good thing is I saved a little to take a picture of it. Yey!!! 
Tip: I loved it when I paired it with a glass of fresh milk! (:

The Candy DIY Book
Available in your favorite bookstore! (:
Try and have fun with all the DIYs.


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