A Walk in the Park

5:16 AM

Last Sunday I went to visit a park that is a few streets away from our home. It was nice to have morning walks to a refreshing place like this. It took me some time to be at this place again even though it's just near to go for a walk. And I just loved  observing people who were having their morning walks too!:) Aside from that I also recollect childhood memories here. I actually miss my close friends way back in grade school. Anyways,it was a sunny day that I thought it's perfect to wear a maong skirt plus an overused white top. I had my staple pair of brown flats to spoil my walk in the park. It was a blessing that I had the time to think things out and even exercise a little! (:

 This look is inspired by the style combination peg: white top + maong skirt.

Top: Karimadon/Skirt: BAYO Department Store / Watch: Parfois /Shoes:Payless Shoesource/Bag: mom's

Happy Sunday! :)


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