11:00 PM

I just can't believe that it's already August. I've been really juggling a lot of responsibilities since last month. And I realized that there are things that I need to prioritize at the moment but I still think and even challenge myself to balance everything. It's already a brand new month and I'm still excited to do a lot of activities for this month. I'm looking forward for more dress-up days like this! (:

It's Sunday today and it's another day to dress up for church and for the rest of activities this day. I chose to wear a black dress over a black shirt. I thought of maximizing the use of a staple stuff from the closet: the basic black shirt. I already saw a lot of style-inspiration like this. :) And I'm very happy that it worked well with me and added an extra reason for me to feel sunny this Sunday! :) This is my Sunday dress. /Sun-dress/ :)

Dress: Forever 21/ShirtRobinsons Department Store / Watch: Parfois / Bracelet: Just G ) / Shoes:Payless Shoesource/Bag: thrift store

Happy Sunday! :)


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