Get up and be brave

8:08 AM

'get up and be brave'

Hi everyone! :) It's already September and I'm glad to be back here in 'a day to dream' at least every weekend. I really try my best to pull things one at a time but that's exactly what I call a challenge for me. As of now, I'm working on to tasks that keeps me going on different portions of my life as teacher. Lately, I discovered a lot of things that I must improve and honestly recalled on to things I regret before wishing I did better. I think I learned from those lonely adamant days that feared me to try it all over again. But I think it's never too late to stay on your best foot forward everyday. It just takes a little courage on your heart, a little tap on your shoulder and a little bright thoughts in your mind. This is my pick-upper note for the month: 'get up and be brave' which is inspired from the very artsy Mansy Abesamis of HeyKessy.

I hope you too has a pick-upper note for yourself and don't hesitate to share it here! :) I'll be happy to read yours as well! :)

Happy September!


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