The Happy Board - September

3:17 AM

I was inspired by my professor in Grad School to read this book about success.
(Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell)
 These cute earrings really completes my teacher look everyday. I bought them at Elan Bijoux which is owned by Reese Lansangan. 
 This is my handmade card which I'm about to give soon.
 Practicing some lettering for my future projects! (:

Sunday treat at Kool Kids, Mega Fashion Hall.
Try their best seller, Nuts for Nutella :)
It is a nitrogen ice cream that is very flavorful! :)

These squares would wrap all the things I love for this September. It was so amazing that we're almost heading forward to the holidays because the month is about to end. I keep asking myself to list things that made my month very adventurous and the more it becomes meaningful the more I collect little dreams to achieve someday. The more I go to places and see different walks of people-their art, their life adventure, the more I become inspired to learn and experience new things. I am glad that I was able to share this life bits and lists I had for the past weeks. Honestly, I had been busy working and preparing for school reports and requirements. But I won't be lonely because I'm almost finished working with them. I'll be posting (promise! :) ) more after.

There are so many things to be happy about,

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