DIY Vase

4:29 AM

It was an amazing experience sharing an art project (again) with the Star Scouts. I was asked to think of an art project that promotes recycling and squeezes the creative thoughts of the girls. And I ended up with this DIY vase that is very simple to make but it takes a lot of patience and determination to finish it. And it was interesting how the little girls made their own vases creatively. They really enjoyed and at the same time challenged in finishing their crafts.

 Since it is fun doing this project, I am very happy to share how to do this project on reusing old bottles in a creative way.
(Surely you'll have fun rolling yarns as much as the girl scouts. :) )

old bottle/yarns/double sided tape/scissors/ribbon

1) Put double sided taped around the bottle and peel it off.
2) Start covering the bottle with yarn. Start rolling the yarn in any part of the bottle. (be creative!)
3) After rolling the yarns around, add embellishments like polka-dotted ribbon.
4) Then, the DIY vase is ready to use. :) Yay!

The bottle winded with yarn.
 I tied a polka-dotted ribbon to add an extra cuteness in the vase.
These colorful yarns are used by the scouts to decorate their bottle.
One of the patrol's crafty table with their finished DIY vases.
Good job girls! :)

Start recreating,

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