Paper Stories @ Heima Brixton

7:18 AM

I always love going to this one particular place that I usually describe as happy, vibrant and fun. This place is no other than Heima Brixton. I and my little sister went there last Saturday to support another paper event, Paper Stories.  There were mini pop-up craft booths by Craft Carrot, Anina Rubio,The Lunchbreak Project, Sunday Paper Co. Monsterella, Tit for Tat and the Bekiry. Plus, there were free fun workshops from the artists: Anina Rubio & Arlene Sy.
 We had so much fun visiting the booths and exchanging thoughts about arts & crafts. 

Thank you also to Arlene Sy for sharing her  talent on watercolor and giving away her cards made that afternoon! Yay!

Here are the numerous photos from the Paper Stories event:
One of the happiest place ever! :)
These are some of the products from Heima.
I just loved how my little sister hold the 'Paris' box of stamps.
"Be creative all the time."
How about some ceiling photos? I really find their garlands so cute. :)

I also spotted some origami mobile.

Some of the booths:
Arlene Sy
Sunday Paper Co.

Craft Carrot

Arlene Sy's Free Watercolor Workshop

Huge thanks to Heima Brixton for another happy art adventure! :)

stay happy,

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