PhFW: Sfera/Unode50/Suite Blanco

11:57 PM

I was very excited last Friday to watch another show of Philippine Fashion Week.
It was indeed an adventure Friday night for I and my little sister Jessa. We went there after my long day at work. Fortunately, I still had the energy to pull everything together like bus rides and the last minute preparation for the scrapbooking workshop the next day. I thought of attending the show to update myself from the latest fashion pieces. And I really missed designing clothes and drawing long-legged girls. (soon!)
 I was so grateful with Ana Gonzales for letting me watch the fashion show of  Sfera, Uno de 50 & Suite Blanco. It was another amazing fashion experience wherein I got so many ideas of styling. The clothes were all so adorable. Of course, I am happy to share you my picks! :)


Uno de 50

Suite Blanco

There were lots of stylish clothes right? :)

Happy Weekend!

jade :)

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  1. So sad I missed this! Thank you for your updates, Jade :) Love everything! <3


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