The Real Living Space 2014: Scrapbooking Secrets Workshop

6:20 PM

Sharing my thoughts about arts and crafts through a workshop is one of my long-time dream. I already tried one simple workshop with the kids around the block last summer in celebration of my birthday. Since I've been busy for quite a while with so many duties being a teacher and as a student, I thought of waiting for another summer to pursue it. Fortunately, I was invited to facilitate a workshop about (DIY) scrapbook making by Paula (my friend and washi-tape buddy) of Real Living magazine for their Real Living Space 2014. My heart skipped a beat the moment I accepted their invitation because I was happy, excited and nervous at the same time! :) I was happy that I had the chance to share some crafts that I usually do at home. Also, I was excited to meet the RL team including Paula and the workshop goers. And I'm also interested to visit the RL spaces for their showroom and be a part of the other workshops as well at Magnolia Residences. I also got nervous because I'm challenging myself to prepare everything in between my other duties. But that feeling faded away because I was able to manage my time preparing the scrapbook sample, notes, materials and cards. I thought of giving kits but due to time constraint I wasn't able to plan & budget (next time :)). I felt very happy and inspired after all the preparations because I had fun sharing all the crafty stuff I know to my learners during the workshop. It was one of the most worthwhile craft adventure for me. I hope someday I will have another! :)

Thank you Real Living magazine for the opportunity to have a workshop at your RL Space. It was indeed a fun experience together with your team and the crafty learners. Congratulations to a very successful event! :)

Here are some of the snaps of my crafty adventure:

The sample of the scrapbook I made for the workshop.
The busy table at the RL workshop room. The materials are arranged before the workshop. I really thank those who helped me! :)
The coolest nature-inspired aquarium by ADA.

Habil Crafts Workshop
some crafts gathered that day :)
I super loved these bright lights at the workshop room.

Beam's Felt Gingerbread Decor Workshop

And we had a special tour with Paula at the RL spaces and I got some snaps of the adorable room designs here:
There were so many beautiful rooms that made us sigh: 'awww' and tend to stay longer. Haha. :)

I had a blast that Saturday! I got so many creative ideas about home decorating. Thank you so much again for inviting! :)

stay crafty,

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