Geometric Stamps

11:18 PM

I wanted to share a simple DIY project that can help in preparing presents for the upcoming holidays. 
I know it's very exciting to wrap something special for our love ones and I thought of making easy DIY foam stamps that can be used in multiple ways. 
Let's begin:
- bottle caps
- double adhesive tape
- foams
- scissors
- ink pad 
- white paper (you can use scratch papers if you like :) )

I used Craft Carrot's Craft Ink Pads which I bought at Heima; Paper Stories 2. These are also available online. :)

I started cutting the foams with my desired shape or design. This time I cut shapes like triangle, circle and also a star.

After cutting the foams, I stick it on to the bottle caps using the double adhesive tape so that it is easier for stamping.

Then, the stamps are ready for stamping! Yay! :) ( I had so much fun using the bright inks from Craft Carrot! :) )

I thought of using the triangle stamp to decorate an envelope and a gift wrapper.

And I thought of putting up a Christmas tree in my art notebook using the stamps. Isn't it cool?! :)

I hope you're having a great time too preparing for the ho-holidays!


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