The Happy Board- October

12:32 AM

 After teaching the scouts to make their DIY vase, we had some grilled corns & hotdogs for snacks.

 I visited H&M the day after it opened. 

 I am really eyeing for this vintage bike at Heima Brixton. I hope I could buy one soon! :)

I got the chance to watch Philippine Fashion Week: Suite Blanco, Unode50, Sfera. :)
This is a snap of preparing the materials for my scrapbooking workshop.

I had to treat myself for an early dinner after my talk at Real Living Space. I had breakfast for dinner at The Clubhouse, Robinsons Magnolia. Tip: their mango salsa is the best! :)

 These are the paper goodies I gave for the kids at their Trick or Treat party! :)
It should be a treats holder but I made it as a bat necklace.
I got the printable template at paper crave ) .
(Thanks a lot paper crave! :) 

It's a huge blessing that I was able to do things and attend some events that really added to my October adventures. It was a month full of fun doing what you love and at the same time sharing it to others. It was the most incredible feeling when you get to share what you love doing the most! :) Good thing! I had a quick snaps of these memories to keep and to remember. These are some of the photos I took from the events and some of them I already posted it here. :)

I hope along the celebration we all remember to have a time to say our prayers too.
Have a happy vacation everyone! :)

❤️️ jade

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