Home Is Where the Heart Is

4:26 AM

I planned a couple of months ago to do some DIY projects to give away this holiday season. I realized that it takes (too much) time to make one but it's still worth it after all the hard work and effort. I always remember how much I did simple lettering of the names of my friends before when I was in grade school since I had nothing to spend for gifts. And I thought I already outgrown with it that up until now I still continue sharing something personal to the people who are so dear to me. I really feel happy to know that it's really extra special for them to unwrap presents and literally saying ("what?!, you made these?" :) ) And they let me feel that the effort was worth sharing and  I made others happy without spending a dime just your time & your skill. 

The photo above is a watercolor lettering of  "home is where the heart is" which I will give to a family that is so dear to my heart because they had extended their love to me all year-round. The truth is that I'm still working on two sets of lettering because I'll be wrapping for two families. Good thing, I already started my vacation (yey! perks of being a teacher). I think staying at home is the best thing I'll ever give myself & my family this season since I've been busy with many roles I play everyday. Busy with work or not, attending art events or not, meeting with friends or not, I'm very grateful that I have a home to stay doing the (many other) things I really love & spending time with the whole family.

Happy Holidays everyone! I hope you too will have a joyous season together with your love ones. Spread the love! :)

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