The Ang Ink Adventure & Scribble Workshop

5:16 AM

"Saturdays are for my art adventures". 
I have been turning the pages of my planner lately and I observed that my Saturdays are fully loaded with events, projects and activities that involve arts and crafts. And it's true that I can only give time to these activities on a weekend wherein I take a break on the things I do everyday. I like making time for it and exploring new crafty things that interests me. 
Anyways, here are some of the snaps from the last Saturday adventure.

I had a quick visit at the Ang INK Fest.
I had quick hello's and hi's to the artists I met before. :)
I was glad to see them there and of course I got inspired by Robert Alejandro's talk.
I didn't stay that long because I have to attend a workshop.

I attended a Scribble Workshop! :)
It's at Hey Kessy Studio at Katipunan Quezon City.

Who would not love this prickly beauty? :)

I really thank our teacher, Alexis Ventura for all the thoughts she shared about Calligraphy :)\

 I learned how nibs are amazing! :)

 My first ever work after the workshop. Wink! ;)
This is indeed a happy place. :)

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