Happy 2015!

5:15 AM

Happy 2015!

It's the 2nd day of the year and the month of January and I just can't stop to celebrate (yay! let's celebrate, actually). I spent the whole day together with my little sisters which we had a time to bond & shared overloaded stories at each other. I think this is the best way for me to start the year; being with them and realizing that we're really growing up close to each other. I'm glad that we really had a great time today! :)

This is the jump start of January and I am looking forward for more great times to create memories all throughout the year! And the good news are I'm going capture (improved, *fingers crossed) photos and share them in my upcoming posts. I will really try my best to keep this little room updated with thoughts of what interests me the most in a day, a week and even a month.

I really thank you for cheering me up with all the visits and it inspires me to do my best to write and share no matter how life becomes busy. I hope we'll keep on cheering for each other and exchanging thoughts and (day) dreams in this happy site for dreamers like me.

Cheers for more days to dream --- and make it happen! :)

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