Paint and Lettering Sunday: Day To Dream x Diving Into Watercolor

4:47 PM

I had several 'happy firsts' that made last Sunday extra adventurous and fun. It's my first time to have a paint date with  Jean Kelly of Diving Into Watercolor. I met Jean last year at Heima Brixton's Paper Stories event. It's amazing that before we were just standing next to each other the whole painting demo of  Arlene Sy at the said event. We had a quick chat about watercolor painting, got the chance to introduce and finally reach each other online. And just last Sunday, we're here at a happy place--- Milky & Sunny, Kapitolyo. We planned to meet up and have a crafternoon together since we haven't personally talk since we met at Heima. I was surprised that we're like long time friends talking about our own art adventures, painting progress, future dreams and fan girling stories. I really had fun learning from each other's experiences about our interests. For the the first time, I experienced painting on a public place and sitting next to a fellow artsy person who's really into watercolor. I'm glad ( I really cried happy tears! :) ) with our little paint date and possibly we'll have a second one real soon.

Here are some snaps inside Milky & Sunny that serves all breakfast menus the whole day :) :

Milky & Sunny, Kapitolyo , Pasig City
They serve a scrumptious breakfast treats like pancakes, silogs and toasts paired with their refreshing milk/ fruity shakes. The place is also creatively decorated and a nice place for doing art projects. I also appreciate their accommodating crews. (Thank you! :) )

I and Jean

Yummy treat after over wonderful talks about art. :)
Pancakes and Banana Fruitshake

Happiness is something that is inside your 'heART'. :)

My floral wreath using Dr. Ph Martin from Jean. 
(Thanks Jean! :) )
Our works from our paint date.

We absolutely had fun! :)

Visit Jean of Diving Into Watercolor and see her amazing works with watercolor and Milky & Sunny 's Fb page to add in your must-try list of cool cafes and restaurants.

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  1. Thanks again, Jade! I had an awesome time. Hope we have another art adventure soon! :) Btw, I really love your floral wreath. ❤

    1. Thanks also Jean! I really learned a lot from you! 'til the next! :)


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