Learning Trip at Pinto Art Museum

9:25 PM

Nothing beats visiting another artsy, nature-inspired and fun-filled place like the Pinto Art Museum. I'm glad I was able to tour the place together with the kids & my co-teachers for our yearly learning trip . We went to several galleries full of paintings & other creative masterpieces of the local artists around the country. The kids & also the kid-at-heart like me enjoyed the place and learned a lot about some facts on local arts. The entire place is really big that the kids had their chance to explore around together with their friends (classmates). It was a great experience to finally visit Pinto and I'm very thankful that Tito Andi (one of the artists who contributed some of his works in the gallery) shared a lot in our tour. With that, I think I'll be visiting the place again some time in summer. It's a good place for everyone to visit on the long hot days of summer. I'm happy to share some of the photos I took from our trip. These are only few since it's a bit challenging to handle kids on your side and at the same time taking a snap of these little wonders. My eyes really brightened with glee in every step of the way! 

Antipolo, City

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