Things to be Happy About: February 2015

7:33 PM

I can't believe that February is already over. Actually, it's already March and I realized that this fast paced life has been worth the adventure. These photos reminded me of how the I loved the 28 days of February month. 
Here are the quick snaps:

Paint Date 01 with Jean of Diving Into Watercolor

Good'ol pancakes at Milky & Sunny 

 Live lettering with Grad school friends at Artsy Cafe.

Photo c/o of Nami Alegre
Lettering after my Thursday class was absolutely fun! :)

Amazing watercolor works by Jean of Diving Into Watercolor
These bookmarks were given as a treat to my 1st ever lettering workshop. :)

I'm really happy because I was able to share thoughts about lettering! Yay! :)

Lettering last Valentine's Day & eventually printed for post card giving! :)
It was my first time to give hand made cards for Valentines.

 Learning trip at Pinto Art Museum

 Quick lettering on birthday cards for my college friends

Still practicing hand lettering every night.

Learned a lot from Fozzy's Calligraphy tips at the Maker's Market, Estancia, Capitol Commons.
Fozzy Castro-Dayrit of  The Fozzy Book

And this duo are overloaded with tips & stories on their lettering adventures! :)
Thank you Oceanchelle & Dyosaimma :)

Cupcake treats with Mae at Larcy's :)
Pretty lettering by Imma :)

Hoping for another exciting month since Summer's approaching! :)
Happy Weekend!

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  1. This looks so fun! Glad you had a great month(:

    1. I hope you had fun the whole month too! :)


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