Things to Be Happy About: January 2015

4:23 PM

These are some of the snaps of the things that I'm happy about & kept me productive the whole month of January. This post is somewhat a round-up of my art works, places I visited & everything under the sun. I've been inspired listing the things that makes me really giddy with joy.
 I'm grateful that I was able to start the year this colorful! 

 I visited our village park for my Grad school homework.

 Watercolor lettering: a bible verse

 My attempt of a chalk lettering which I ended up happy.

 I never thought I'll be this brave to invite people & share my experience-based knowledge about lettering.

I started to play with my flexible nibs for Calligraphy practice.

 These looked real roses. I enjoyed our Divisoria visit! :)

 My quick watercolor lettering on a very busy day! :)

 My colorful attempt of Calligraphy writing. I'm discovering the wonders of watercolors.

 I super love this wreath.

 I did a lot of lettering practices on weekends.

 gingerbread lady (kit from Beam Mariano) & dress form (PJ Navarro) :)

One of the things I would like to do the whole year: read a lot of books.

I have to say I had a blast on jump starting the year 2015!

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