6:59 AM

"Do what you love, love what you do." 

I always keep these words in mind up until this very day. 
Since today is my 24th birthday, I thought of celebrating it by doing the things I really love.
 I have no plans of going somewhere (far) and 
 just felt that it's a great day to stay outside our house (literally) and enjoy the warm weather.
Because I want to stay relaxed in our home, I thought of getting busy in the kitchen (cooking so far is FUN! :) ). I missed doing it for months because days were filled tasks here and there. 
Also, I thought of  doing a lettering to thank all the wonderful people who became a part of my life through the years. I always remember how much I learned from them and they inspired me to do my best each day. This is such a perfect day to be grateful for all the love & laughter they have shared with me. 
It's a very fun day because I'm able to spend time crafting, doing kitchen duties ( which I totally miss during busy days), reading a good book, bonding with my family & reading greets from family & friends.
I feel blessed the whole day! Yay! :)

It's pretty cool working in this area of our house. :)

I'm still in love with flowers. 
These are some of the presents I got from PJ (my co-teacher/friend) & Jess (my sister).
Thank you girls! :)

And this is the #WIP of the quote I loved from F.J. Kong's book which I read 2 years ago. I just accidentally saw it from a shelf at a NBS and I love every words from its pages.

I hope you all like this simple birthday post! :) 
Thanks again for all the greetings today! 
It made my heart really jump because of so much joy! :)

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