NixVersusVal Exhibit

7:40 AM

 It was a wonderful experience being inspired once more on the 2nd day of our art adventure. I and my friends went to the Nix Versus Val Art Exhibit at the Secret Fresh Gallery, Ronac Art Center that took us a bus ride to get there. I'm glad I was invited by Jean (Diving Into Watercolor) because I was amazed by the works of Valerie Chua  & Nix Puno which were displayed on the black wall of the gallery.I definitely added them to my list of artists I look up to.Their framed works were unique and beautiful.I realized how much these artists are so talented and passionate about their craft. They are such an inspiration in the world of visual arts. Cool! :)

It was a great evening since I toured and took pictures around with my friends;  Jean & Neil. I have to say that I had a blast on our 2-day art adventure which let me pursue my passion in creating more art works in the future. 

Here are some of the snaps:


Auction Hero by Ernest Concepcion

By the way, I missed posting my looks in this blog. I'll be trying my best to have another one real soon. For the mean time, this is my OOTN at the exhibit. 

Dress ( Forever 21 )
Vest ( PaperDolls )
Bag ( Topshop )
Flats ( Payless )
Necklace ( H&M )

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