Things to be Happy About - March 2015

11:17 PM

These are some of the few things I loved last month.
It was indeed a busy month doing a lot of tasks for school & work.
Up until now, I really can't imagine how I juggle things through and successfully met the deadlines of  the projects I did last month. But it's always a great feeling to accomplish a lot of stuff  on busy days. I think it's all about believing that you can do it no matter what. :)

Anyways, I fortunately took some photos of the significant things that made March a great month.
Here are some:

Lettering on the envelope as a token for our kids last farewell party.

 Pink flower last Graduation Day of our kids. 

Went to The Block Party @ Ayala Park

 This Primadonna pair is too comfy on a day of walking in the park.


Conti's Strawberry Cheesecake
(Thank you Erin for this! :) )

Yay! Summer's already approaching! :)
Happy Summer Days!

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