DIY: Thoughts on a Stick

11:28 PM

I had the time to fix my things  (papers, books, pens, etc.) last month. I saw some materials that are still unused because I kept them in my art box for a long time. Then, I realized I have already a number of rolls of washi tapes & a box of paper straws. I wasn't able to use them that much maybe because I got too preoccupied with work & school and forgot the plan of using them. Good thing I saw them again and thought of another DIY craft. Since I like lettering these days, I tried making "Thoughts on a Stick". It's like a mini card attached on a straw and can easily be placed on a jar, vase or in a holder. There will be a written thought/quote that can be a great pick-upper for the day. I think it's also a nice giveaway. 


- washi tapes
- paper straws
- origami paper ( any printed paper )
- watercolor paper 
- watercolor pans
- paint brush
- jar with water
- scissors

1. Cut the watercolor paper into small squares or rectangles ( or any shape that you like).
2. Write a quote or your thought of the day on the paper using your brush & watercolor. ( Watercolor lettering is also optional. You can try using a colored pen or any material that you like for lettering. )
3. If the lettering is already dry, attached the card on the straw by putting a tape on its back.
4. Decorate using the origami paper. Cut its end like a bow & tape it at the back of the card.
5. Use washi tapes for additional embellishments.

Yay! and you're done. It can be placed already on your favorite jar or vase.
Tip: Place it on an area that can be easily seen. I hope your written happy written thoughts can make your day! :)

washi tapes & paper straws (Hey Kessy)

Coffee from Kalinga & my thought for the day :)

Happy Thursday! :)

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