Things to be Happy About: April 2015

8:47 PM

I had a blast last April! :) I had so much fun doing a lot of tasks during the hot summer days. I had 2 weeks summer teaching the kids in the school camp and my #30DaysofLettering which I completed posting on my page- A Day to Dream. I also had a collaborative mini-Watercolor Workshop 
(Painting+Lettering) with my artsy friend, Jean (Dive Into Watercolor). It's a great experience to have a workshop together with a friend who's also into watercolor. I hope we'll have more projects to do together. :)
I can say that there are many happy stories to tell from the long summer days of my birthday month. 
And I kept some photos in my handy cam to share some of the wonderful things to be happy and to be thankful of. I hope you had a blast too! :)

04/07/15: Sweet treats from my co-teacher/friend, PJ & my little sis, Jessa 

Painting flowers #floralfixation

lettering from a-z

I like listing a lot of things that make me happy. :)

Congratulations to my little sister who graduated last month! :)
I'm happy I was there to support her! :)

Egg Carton art with the kids ;)
Look at what we did, we made our own rainbows! Cool! :)

Stayed at Crepeman Cainta to paint over their refreshing coolers :)

Great time with my partner in ART - Jean 

Taught the kids bake a banana muffin with Tita Cha 

 And most of the days, I spent doing lettering using Watercolor. :)

April was filled with art adventures.
I will be delighted to share more stories about these adventures on my next posts! :)
Stay tuned! :)
Have a happy summer!

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