Things to be Happy About - May 2015

6:13 PM

Here are the things/ stories to share from last month's (May 2015) adventure:

1. Enjoyed reading the last few pages of Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell.

Finally! I'm done reading Outliers which took me ages to finish it. I took time during the free days to read this awesome book on success. Now, I'm too excited to grab another good read from the shelf. Any suggestions?

2. Watercolor Painting Workshop by Arlene Sy @ Le Bunny Bleu

This experience was totally momentous in my art life. I'm too grateful that this opportunity came & I learned so much on using watercolor to paint. This is a huge help for a beginner like me in watercolor painting. Plus, the workshop was held at a very happy place - Le Bunny Bleu Store, Shangri-la Mall. It's a must-visit store for shoe lovers like me.

3. New materials in the art box

I promised myself that summer wouldn't last without me adding members in my art team. I was too fortunate to visit my favorite ART stores last month. I bought Kuretake felt tip pen & Speedball calligraphy nibs (not in the photo tho) at Scribe, Shangri-la branch. I also visited Fullybooked at Mega Mall which I ended up buying a Urban Papier Noir black notebook for lettering using white ink. Lastly, I head on to Deovir for a Holbein watercolor tube which made me so excited to go home and use it. :)

4. Back to illustrating long-legged girls 

Because I and my two little sisters are hooked watching Asia's Next Top Model on tv, I tried illustrating girls again. I was too inspired to mix and match stylish pieces I see on the models on tv, magazines & online. I felt happy drawing the clothes that I and my sisters like. It's a pretty sister-bonding after all.

5. Tried white lettering on black paper

It is my first time to try white on black. (see the lettering in the photo above) I think this lettering is very simple yet classy. I'm excited for more white on black lettering soon or gold on black, maybe.

These are some of the stories last May. I listed some of the activities through a lettering which is in the photo. I hope you had fun too last summer. And I'm sure it's another summer to remember.

Hello! June.

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