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June is always a back-to-school month for other students. In my case, our graduate classes will be starting by August which gives me two more months to prepare for it. Since I have more free days for DIY projects, here is my treat for all the students who are already embarking their school days and ready to learn their lessons. I thought of sharing a way to cover and decorate a notebook. I personally like pretty DIY covered notebooks for jotting down notes during lectures. In this project, I used tags to decorate & label as well the notebook.


- notebook
- Oslo paper
- brown paper (which I cut from a brown paper bag)
- washi tape
- scissors
- paper twine
- felt tip pen
- one-hole puncher
- paint brush
- watercolor 
- card board 
- pre-painted flower

1. Cover the notebook using the white paper and seal its sides with a trusty tape.
2. Use the card board to make tags. Use old tags as a tracer to achieve its shape.
3. Punch a hole/s on the tags made.
4. Then, do a lettering to label the notebook. (I did a lettering of my sister's name: Jeziel & the course title in 2 separate tags.) Use a felt tip pen or a paint brush for the lettering or any writing materials in your own art box.
5. Layer the white tags using the brown paper.
6. Assemble the tags using the twine that its one end is attached at the back part of the white cover.
7. Put first the tag with the name, add any decorative stuff like a flower (just put a hole on it), and the tag with the course's title. (The tag arrangement depends on your creativity.)
8. Lastly, attached the other end of the twine at the back of the notebook's base cover. Secure it with a tape.

Yay! It's already done and ready your pens for note taking.
Tip: Cover it with plastic to protect it from dirt.

Happy school days! ☺️
Recycling materials is a +. 

Here's the pretty notebook that I did for my little sister, Jeziel. (wink!)

Stay crafty,

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