Things to be Happy About - June 2015

6:03 PM

This is a lettering of a line from Marla Miniano's blog entry, Permanent.

The life last June was a bit different. Many things were changed, for good. It wasn't easy for me to decide on things that would bring me to a whole new perspective. But I did it anyway. I had to embark on new set of tasks, schedules, and apparently, clearer goals everyday. I'm glad that I was able to see light on these new things. I never knew I have this enough courage in me to pursue more these not-so-new goals I had for my self. Even if I think that things were a little unsure the last time, I still did it anyway. Because I feel and believe that there will be good and happy things to look forward to.

I somehow missed the old self: waking up early, quick breakfast, wearing my uniform & black shoes and my one-of-a-kind schedule everyday. But I won't forget that I enjoyed being in that fast life for such a long time. It was a challenge and I learned so many things about myself and the amazing people I face each day. Now, I have to start welcoming a not-so-new self  and with a "happy note": early morning reads, longer hearty breakfast, more creative projects and teaching services. (:

These were some brave thoughts last June:

1. Waiting and updating. It was a bit challenging. I don't how long will I do these things but I know where would these lead me. On the other hand, it makes me more excited to see the kids again! :)

2. Cleaning a slate and saying goodbye's. The real feels of moving to my next adventure but it made me more inspired to do great on the next.

3. Creating. I'm glad that I will be having more time to splurge on my next mini-projects. Yay! I never knew that this will come - lettering & painting daily!

4. Hands-on. I am happily posting on my Facebook Page: A Day to Dream. I do post photos of some of my WIP and other adventures.

5. Service. I am still teaching kids, lettering on a crepe store & helping prepare in the kitchen.

6. Short Travels. I had some short travels & exploring a nearby town.

7. Red Loafers from Le Bunny Bleu. I use it often because it's very comfy for walking and stylish to complete my everyday look.

8. Volunteer. It was such a humbling experience volunteering for our department in the Graduate School. It was FUN being in the school again after such a long school break. I was grateful that a friend invited me to volunteer. (:

I hope you had a blast last June too! (:

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