Yogurts & Letters

5:41 PM

I started dipping nibs at a Calligraphy workshop last year. I learned so much from my amazing teacher, Alexis Ventura of Ink Scribble ( thank you Alexis <3) the basics of writing letters using nibs and ink. It was a good kick start and I never thought I'll be passionately continuing the calligraphy journey up until now. It has been months that I wake up so early in the morning, setting the table up, unfortunately not only for breakfast but also for my calligraphy practice. Because I was too persistent in writing so many words even the gibberish ones, I realized that I am already in this journey of finding my own style of writing. So far, I'm happy with my daily calligraphy works and I'm grateful for it.

Cinnabun Frozen Yogurt, Golden Spoon 
Shangri-la Plaza Mall


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