Wonderful 2015

12:17 PM

Hello! Happiest & brightest new year everyone!!! (: I think this is the best time to be back again in this little room I created for the things I love doing. There were many things happened in life that I had to focus with like work & school but it had been a wonderful year for me and here are some of photos to wrap up year 2015.

Things to be grateful about:

1. I got hired as a public school teacher. I finally can work on my two-fold mission as a teacher.
2. I had the chance to travel in between busy times. It was my first time to ride on an airplane. (:
3. There were several paint dates that I attended together with my friends who are also into art.
4. Art adventures added fun to life. Trying out different cafes and restaurants alongside discovering places nearby were all amazing experiences.
5. Brush lettering using watercolor is one of my favorites. I applied it mostly to my handmade crafts that I eventually shared with family & friends.
6. Standing in front of a crowd and sharing something that you know was like the bravest moment ever.
7. I never thought of gathering my little crafts on a (borrowed) wall like this. It just came to mind that I have to because of certain projects that they requested me to do. It was a humbling experience though. I am grateful for their trust.
8. Volunteering gave me the happiest feeling ever. It reminded me that I am capable of sharing and making others happy in the simplest ways that I can- smiling & crafting.
9. Collecting hand lettering books were too helpful on the goal of improving my lettering which really sounded so geeky on my part. (hee!)

These are some of memorable experiences that made my 2015 colorful & blessed.

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