The Happy List Project :1/25 Jump Start

8:59 AM

I believe that there will always be room for coming back and new beginnings. Honestly, I missed sharing some parts of me in this space for a little while. I had been into a lot of life thingy lately and I bet there's still a way to find time to share some of my happy thoughts, mostly random. To start it off, I made a personal project which I named 'The Happy List Project' with the goal of illustrating the objects that I am happy about and at the same time sharing the reasons that made me include them. It is anything ad everything under the sun. 

Jump Start
These are the things included in my list:

1) blue jeans - This is one of my daily top picks on being comfortable on what I'm wearing the whole day.

2) striped tee - I just found this shirt comfy too and nice to match with jeans or with skirts.

3) pre- loved bag 

4) jelly shoes

5) clipboard & paper flowers

6) other essentials

I'm looking forward to more time of doing quick illustrations and eventually share my works in this tiny space in www. Thank you for dropping by my room. Yay!

xx jade

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