The Happy List Project: 2/25 Home Favorites

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Illustrated home favorites

On free days I would always opt to be just at home. Aside from the reasons that it saves time and energy, the main reason is that there is no place really like home because all (almost) the things that I need and love are just close at hand. With that, I found an ample time to list the things that I love and then illustrate them on a piece of a watercolor paper. Some of the things I included were treasured for years that seems nostalgic for me. There were also new and everyday things on the list that I am also excited to share about.

Illustrated Home Favorites:

1) Tuguegarao Vinegar - It seemed so weird that I really like the vinegar of Tuguegarao, Cagayan. The taste was different to the ordinary vinegary that we have in the kitchen and it felt like it has its special ingredient or process that made it more special. I included it because whenever I have this on the table, it reminds me of my last trip in the north. ( I will be blogging about my experiences on my recent local travels. Soon. )

2) my black mug - I must tell that this mug is a bit big, wide and heavy. I love it because it can contain a large volume of liquids whether I opted for a hot tea or coffee during my 'art' time.

3) bookmarks made year 2014 - While I was looking for things to include in this list, I found my first ever handmade bookmarks that I created way back 2014 for the kids' Slumber Party at work. It reminds me of great memories as a preschool teacher.

4) wooden ladle - I got this from my kid's (student's) 6th birthday which was very memorable because it was my first time to see a cookery on a party. Cool. (:

5) my favorites from the 'art team' - My art team has been mutiplying in numbers as I try different materials to make crafts. So far, I am still fixated with my old paint brushes and tiny water jar that I have been using for almost 2 years.

6) book to read this summer - I always wanted to have at least one book to read every summer whether it is a novel or a self-help book. And I chose to read a Laura Esquivel novel which I came across when I was in college. Re-reading time!

7) plant on our gate - My parents love plants and love to plant them on pots. They eventually decorated the right side of our house with potted plants so that it'll be refreshing when we hang outside. I also love these greens too as they always welcome me after a long day at work. I realized I should be better in watering them. Hee.

8) polka-dotted Classroom Dynamics Notebook - And last but not the least on the list is my trusty Classroom Dynamics notebook that contained a lot of techniques for classroom instruction. This seems very geeky for practicing teachers but I wanted to share the learning I gained in entering Graduate School. 

And that was the list to share today. Stay tuned for the next happy list to be shared by yours truly. Thank you (in advance) for dropping by! :)

xx jade

Tools used:
- Canson 200 gsm Watercolor Paper
- Sakura Mat Watercolors
- Zig Kuretake Brush

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