A Day to Dream

Jade Bufete is a 23-year old teacher living in a small town in the Philippines. 
Aside from being a teacher to little kids, she is also a student taking up a Master's degree in Education. Jade loves being spontaneous and adventurous in her own way. 
She loves trying an art skill, mix'n matching stylish pieces, discovering places & eating good food. With these, she has a lot of adventures just around the country that made her so happy and really jump for joy! :) She is also trying to snap photos from her little life adventures.

For her, each day is another day to dream & even to make it come true.
 She aims to share a lot of happy thoughts about the days in her life & as she become better in her crafts. She hopes to inspire a lot of creative minds & hearts through her blog. 

Arts & Crafts

She is into making arts & crafts like illustrating, paper and letter cutting, paper folding & lately she tried calligraphy. She does handmade gifts most of the time to her family & friends. She also tried to give free art workshops to kids around the block.


She believes that what you wear should make you happy because you're comfortable with it. She used to illustrate stylish pieces that she dreams to wear someday. She used to go to thrift shops & sales to snag unique pieces to style. Her style is usually girl-ish with the dresses & skirts to save her #ootds. :)

She treats each day to dream about exploring, making & inspiring more in arts & style.

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